Things to Know Before Choosing an Addiction Treatment Facility

addiction treatmentOne only has to browse the internet for an addiction rehabilitation treatment center to know that the choices are vast. Before choosing one rehab program from a list of hundreds, one should be equipped with a basic knowledge of how to select a quality program that meets the needs of the potential client. No two people have the same recovery needs, and a successful program is one that helps an addict work through their substance abuse and emotional issues to give them the benefit of a well-rounded life of sobriety.

Firstly, be sure to ask the rehab representative about their license and accreditation. A professional substance abuse treatment program will employee staff that are certified in addiction counseling, and have experience in the mental health industry. Accreditation from whatever state or province the facility is in is vital to the addiction rehabilitation center’s credibility, and the professionalism of the people in charge can be a huge determinate in the success of the treatment program, especially considering that the facility should be an ongoing resource to the recovering addict even after they have left.

Be sure to ask about the ongoing relapse prevention services that are available once the program is finished. A quality addiction inpatient treatment center will provide a sobriety plan upon exiting the program, and will continue to provide counselling and support services to the former patient as they adjust to a sober lifestyle. Don’t forget to check the website of the facility for positive testimonials from past clients as well.

Do research into the location of the facility, and don’t hesitate to request an in person visit so the potential client can know for sure if they are comfortable in the rehab environment. Ask about the living accomodations to know what to expect of the rehab lifestyle, and to know what kind of compliance is expected from the client.