What to Expect from Substance Abuse Treatment

substance abuse treatmentWhen substance abuse has been identified as a problem in yourself or someone you love, the next step will be treatment for the affected person. There are many different options available to someone searching for a substance abuse recovery program, and the quality ones will include certain integral characteristics.

Firstly, the rehabilitation program will be customized around the type of substance abuse in question. This ensures that the issues and complications particular to the substance itself are addressed. The type of substance being abused can have a huge bearing on the course of recovery that is needed.

Secondly, considerations for the treatment program will to be made in regards to any mental disorders that accompany the substance abuse disorder. This only applies in the case of a dual diagnosis, and will require a professional integrated approach to help the individual recover from multiple disorders at the same time.

Third, steps will be taken in order to manage the symptoms of withdrawal, beginning with a thorough, medically supervised detoxification that may or may not include medication, and continuing with ongoing methods and options for managing cravings.

Fourth, the treatment process itself will be a combination of group and individual counseling sessions, mental health exercises, constructing and following a personalized recovery plan, participating in therapeutic activities, and learning to manage physical health, emotion, stress and anger.

And finally, once the inpatient portion of the treatment is over, the treatment center will provide continued, ongoing support to the recovering substance abuser in the form of meetings, sponsorship, peer support and other recovery resources.